Poly-Turf Erosion Control Spikes

Soil erosion is bad news. It can plug culverts and stormwater systems. It can cause flooding that affects fragile ecosystems which fish and wildlife are dependent upon. It can even contaminate supplies of drinking water. Controlling soil erosion is very important in sustaining the earth we live on. PCO Supply’s Poly-Turf Spikes are the perfect solution for securing a wide range of erosion control materials. The one-piece, 5-inch ring shank nail secures burlap, polyethylene, and other products, keeping them tight and in place.

Soil erosion resulting from rainfall, water flows, stormwater runoff, ice, and wind can cause extensive damage that has long-term effects to surrounding areas. These problems are compounded when the soil is disturbed due to construction. Since each situation is different, controlling soil erosion requires products that are reliable, diverse and equipped to hand location-specific conditions. Poly-Turf Spikes will not only meet the need, they will assure a quality and professional installation that is done right the first time.

Erosion is the process of weathering. It involves the movement of soil, grasses, shrubs, rocks, and even trees from their original sources to another place. An important factor affecting soil erosion is ground cover. Once the ground cover is disturbed or removed, the soil is susceptible to erosion. In order to strengthen and stabilize these areas, natural or synthetic fiber in the form of biodegradable mats, blocks, logs, and wattles are put in place with different types of anchoring products such as spikes.

Variable soil conditions affect how well a spike will drive. Rocky ground can easily bend or break some spikes, but Poly-Turf’s steel ring shank nails are strong enough for the toughest ground. The sharp points easily deflect small stones and other obstructions.

Another great feature of the Poly-Turf spike is the ring shank design, which provides greater holding power. The small "threads" cut on the shank of the nail act as wedges to keep the nail firmly in place so that it cannot pop out. Although they can easily be installed by hand or with a hammer, ring shank nails are designed to hold and are not easily removed.

The one-inch cap on the Poly-Turf Spike dispenses the surface pressure reducing the chance of the erosion control material coming loose or pulling through. The last thing you want is to see your erosion mat sliding down the hill. The Poly-Turf Spike is the only spike for the job.

Help your customers understand the importance of erosion control and how using the proper materials is essential in achieving the desired outcome. Controlling soil erosion matters. Here are a few reasons why:
  • increases the strength of banks and roads
  • stabilizes the soil area so vegetation can take root
  • reduces silt in lakes, ponds, rivers, streams and other waterways
  • retains land shape and aesthetics
  • protects fish populations and other delicate ecosystems

Poly-Turf spikes are an essential part of the erosion control solution.

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